Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade Infill

Stainless Steel wire balustrade infill and Espalier featuring marine grade yacht fittings is an affordable, visually permeable, designer look that is virtually maintenance free. K1 Marine Trimming wire options are equally suited to internal and external applications. We collaborate with balustrade manufacturers, builders, councils, marine fabricators and home owners. Our hydraulic swage machine is portable allowing correct and accurate onsite installation every time.

Marine grade stainless steel cables, turnbuckles, toggles, terminals and forks hydraulically roller swaged together make a durable, virtually maintenance free and economical option which is equally suited to internal and external applications.

Choose from our extensive range of commodity or architectural components to create a hi-tech nautical feel.


An “espalier,” (pronounced “es-PAL-yer”) is any plant trained to grow in a flat plane against a wall, fence, or trellis. The word espalier also may be used to describe the technique of training a plant to this flat plane. A French word, espalier is derived from the Italian spalliera, which means “something to rest the shoulder (spalla) against.” The Romans originated the technique, but later generations of Europeans refined it into an exacting but rewarding art.

Espalier has considerable merit in today´s garden. The practice originated in the old world to conserve space. The English located espaliered fruit trees against a wall with a southern exposure for cold protection. An espalier is a living sculpture especially effective against a blank wall and a natural choice for a narrow area where spreading shrubs or trees are difficult to maintain.