Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is your minimum charge? Minimum charge is $66.

What is your turn around time on jobs? Usually repairs can be completed inside 2 weeks and large scale jobs anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on the time of year.

Can I get a free quote? Yes, we  are happy to meet you and discuss options and provide you a free quote.

Do you sell DIY products such as repair kits? Yes we sell a large range of sticky back, clear polishes, etc

What sort of thread do you use? We stock a large range of threads for different purposes. All are marine grade UV stabilised.

Are you always in your shop? Most of the the time someone will be in the workshop between 8am-4pm weekdays. However it is best to ring before you wish to come in just incase we are installing jobs. After-hours drop off and pick up can also be arranged.

Are you able to sew heavy duty fabric? We have 6 industrial sewing machines for everything from light weight spinnaker fabric up too thick leather and PVC's.

How long can I leave my boat with you? We have space for most trailer boats and as long as we are working on them we store them inside our locked up workshop. Once completed you must pick boats up within a reasonable timeframe. This can be negotiated depending on the job..

Do repairs need to be clean when dropped off? Yes, otherwise a cleaning charge might be added.

Do you do customised products not related to the marine industry? Yes we can make almost anything out of fabric. We have manufactured everything from mining compressor covers, aircraft covers to bouncy castle repairs.

Is it worth upgrading to PTFE stitching? In the long run yes. The cost of restitching and repairs when using normal Polybonded UV stabilised stitching over 10 years will be more than using the best stitching on the market, Gore PTFE, as this thread will not break down.

Which clear material is better: extruded or pressed polished sheet? There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on the purpose and use of the clear. You will find some info under Power Boat section.K1 Sails is happy to advise you on this when we discuss your requirements. Please give us a call on 0429 116 195.

Can I leave a job after hours and pick up? Yes this can be arranged. Just give us a call and we will let you know where to drop off and pick up your products.

Do you do stainless bar work for T-Tops and Biminis? We don’t fabricate stainless steel work it in our workshop, but we work together with a steel fabrication shop that can manufacture absolutely anything.