Biminis & Dodgers

Biminis offer you and your boat protection from a wide range of weather conditions we have in WA from sun to rain and storms. Biminis’s can be used in a versatile manner whilst cruising or when relaxing in the cockpit hiding from the rain or seeking some shade.

K1 Marine Trimming dodgers are designed to protect the cockpit and crew from the wind and spray while enjoying your sailing experience. Furthermore they increase safety by enhancing visibility in all weather conditions.

Every boat owner knows that dodgers although necessary can be difficult to fit. Often competing requirements have to be met such as ensuring strength/durability and practicality for ease of use as well as an attractive appearance while not interfering with winches, boom or sidetracks. 

K1 Marine Trimming excels in manufacturing the perfect dodger balancing these competing demands and customising it to the unique specifications of the boat dimensions as well as to the boat owners needs. Our dodgers are collapsible to stow compactly against the deck or can be fully removed and erected in a matter of minutes.

At K1 Marine Trimming all biminis and dodgers are custom designed and manufactured using only top quality marine grade components from 316 stainless steel and marine grade fittings to marine grade fabrics of your choice, UV resistance thread and a large range of clear material to be selected according to your needs. Due to custom design we can include zipped pockets for easy installation and removal which and can be fully removed and erected in a matter of minutes for the hard-core racers. Individual options to include but are not limited to zip down windows to improve ventilation, rope pockets, storage bags, etc.

Boom Bags & Boom Covers & Sail Bags

Dacron and more modern (and expensive) sailcloths will deteriorate rapidly in direct sunlight. To ensure long lasting of your sails, K1 Marine Trimming highly recommends either a boom bag, boom cover or sail bag.

Yachts and Multihulls can largely benefit from the fitting of lazy jacks and a matching boom bag to assist in handling and storing your mainsail. The bag sits in the track on top of your boom, and keeps the sail on top increasing your visibility and preventing the sail falling into the cockpit.

K1 Marine Trimming lazy jack stays with custom designed boom bag provide a convenient, easy to use of flaking and controlling your mainsail during hoisting and dropping. The boom bag will allow you as the boat crew to simply open the bag and hoist and there will no longer be any running up and down the deck required to tie the sail to the boom. When it’s time to drop your main sail simply release the halyard and let the sail drop into the bag. Then run the full length YKK marine grade zipper closed to keep it all compact and covered.

Removable tie down’ style boom covers are essential for your yacht if you leave your mainsail flaked on the boom and do not have a boom bag to store it. A boom cover is the traditional way of keeping the mainsail covered from the sun and also the cheaper and lighter option compared to a boom bag. However depending on your boat use, a boom bag might be suited better to your requirements.

K1 Marine Trimming boom covers are lightweight and can easily be installed over the boom with quick release buckles installed to secure the cover under the boom. The marine grade YKK zip runs along the front edge to secure a tight fit around the front of your mast.

K1 Marine Trimming bags are designed to your needs and can range from staysail bags to underdeck sail bags, etc.

K1 Marine Trimming has put a lot of effort and time to create and implement an efficient design process and balance all the competing demands to safely cover the sails on your boat. All of K1 Marine Trimming yacht products come with PVC reinforcing for high wear areas and leather reinforcing for high load areas to ensure long-lasting durability of the product. YKK marine grade zips ensure easy open and closing and contribute to the long lasting. K1 Marine Trimming carefully considered design will you save time and money on costly repairs

Yacht Covers & Boom Tents

Boat Covers and boom tents are an effective way of offering protection to the cockpit when your yacht is in harbour, anchoring or on a mooring.

K1 Marine Trimming's boom tents are usually secured to the top stanchion post wires with elasticated clips and webbing straps. If a boom bag is existent, we can incorporate this into the design by using zips attached to the side for easy attaching and removal of the boom tent. The rear of the boom tent can be left open, or closed. It can extend to cover the back of the Spray Dodger, the hatch or all the way forward to the mast.

Otherwise a boat cover can be installed fully covering the decks. These are usually manufactured in 3 zip together sections, the middle and perhaps aft section can be used independently as a Boom tent. However K1 Marine Trimming can customize any boat cover and boom tents to the dimensions of the boat and requirements of the activities the yacht is used for.

Due to a customized manufacturing process, individual features can be included such as windows, perhaps with blinds and access zips to increase the functionality of your Boom tent. 


K1 Marine Trimming can manufacture a whole range of marine covers to custom suit your yacht.

Specialised products could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Leather helm wraps
  • Winch covers
  • Wheel covers
  • Spinnaker pole covers
  • BBQ covers
  • Hatch covers
  • Rail covers
  • Table covers
  • Marine Carpet
  • Seats and cushions
  • Etc.