Power Boats

For most boat owners their boat is the source of fun in their leisure time. Whether it is a ski boat, fishing boat, trailer boat, cabin cruiser, rib or any kind of power boat you can think of, you want to protect your investment and make sure that your boat remains in a good condition so you can enjoy it for as long as possible.

K1 Marine Trimming is looking after all your power boat needs to ensure a long lifetime for your vessel, so that you can enjoy cruising, fishing or any other recreational activities such as skiing and wakeboarding.

K1 Marine Trimming powerboat products include but are not limited to:

  • Boat Covers
  • Clears
  • Rib Tube Covers
  • T-Top
  • Biminis
  • Canopies
  • You name it we can do it.

Ki Marine Trimming specialises in customized marine trimming work and is sure to accommodate your needs for any boat no matter what size or shape. Therefore we can manufacture all products to your individual requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us if your product is not on the list.


If your boat has clears, you will be able to increase your yearly boat usage as they will allow you to block out any unfavourable weather. In more favourable weather conditions you can simply roll up windows or remove the clears depending on the design. They will increase the internal size of your vessel and still offer you a great vision.

Do you have clears on your boat already and they start turning white or cracking? Be sure to replace them with a top quality product from K1 Marine Trimming!

To find the perfect product for your boat and your individual requirements, we will give you three options of the most used and high quality boat clears that are currently out there. Each clear material has its own benefits and also addresses a different budget apart from a varied use.

K1 Marine Trimming uses the following three clear types: calendared clear, extruded clear and pressed polished sheet clear.

Calendared clears is usually the cheapest option of all clears. They come in a roll and are ideal to be used for café blinds and pontoon boats. They do have a slight visual distortion, which is usually not a big problem for the above-mentioned purposes. If the vessel is constantly to be used in hot weather, the clears can be tinted as well.

Extruded clears are typically in the mid-price range. They come in rolls as well, but do not have any visual distortion. Due to the heavy-duty characteristic of this clear material, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It also features a good clarity and easy roll up function. Therefore it is best used for powerboats that require regular rolling up of windows/sections.

Pressed polished sheet clears are the Ferrari under clear materials. Contrary to other two clear materials, they come in sheets. This option is on the higher end cost-wise, but is also the highest quality clear on the market providing great durability while still offering visual clarity. Pressed polished clear sheets are stiffer than all other types of clears but still have the option of having roll up windows for convenience. They are the toughest, highest quality boat clears.

Please contact us to discuss the best clear and installation method for your boat.


One way to look after a boat is with a customized K1 Marine Trimming boat cover. Boat covers can serve a variety of purposes from keeping the boat clean to ensure the interior of the boat does not get UV damaged. A custom-made boat cover will ensure a perfect, taut fit to withstand and protect it from the elements such as strong winds, heavy rain, etc.

K1 Marine Trimming stocks a large range of boat cover materials from breathable acrylic canvas to PVC/vinyl fabrics.

All our covers are individually designed for your boat and needs with tear resistant reinforcing in high wear areas as well as tie-down straps and reinforced elastic pockets for easy fitting.

As all boat covers are fitted individually to ensure a perfect fit, we prefer to have your boat at out workshop in O’Connor. This way we can guarantee the best quality and fit.


If you are the owner of a rib, K1 Marine Trimming recommends that you look after your tubes with customized tube covers to ensure longer lasting tubes and cover your entire boat with a full boat cover to protect your entire boat when in storage.

K1 Marine Trimming is a leading manufacturer of marine trimming products for rigid inflatable boats (ribs). These include but are not limited to:

  • Tube Covers
  • Boat Covers
  • Clears
  • Boat Seats

K1 Marine Trimming can guarantee the best fitted tube covers on the market. Due to manufacturing a high volume of tube covers and a carefully considered design, K1 Marine Trimming tube covers will make your boat look like it is brand new. They can be manufactured in your choice of fabric and colour.

For all other marine trimming products for your rib such as boat cover and clears, please check out the above sections.

Other Power Boat Products and Accessories

Powerboats do not always need a cover or a new set of clears, but may require some extra marine trimming products such as a new T-Top or a seat cover. K1 Marine Trimming can manufacture pretty much everything as we design every product individually and ensure perfect fit to the shape and size.

K1 Marine Trimming products can include but are not limited to:

  • Canopies
  • Marine Carpet
  • T-Tops & Bimini tops
  • Travel covers & Storm covers
  • Boat storage covers & Tender Cover
  • Bow covers & Transom covers
  • Stone guards
  • Splash curtains & Drop curtains
  • Clip in carpets
  • Seats and cushions
  • BBQ Cover and Engine Covers 
  • Seat Cover &Console Cover
  • Jet ski seats and covers
  • Sun shades & Windscreen covers
  • Bimini/canopy socks
  • Cabin doors
  • Etc.

Please check out the gallery for previous products manufactured by K1 Marine Trimming.